• Sustainability foundations

    2019-05-16 11:45:20

    n      Sustainability Foundationgs

    High-quality talents, safe and effectiveproducts and harmonious and stable community relations are the firm cornerstoneof our sustainable development.We are committed to building a happy workplace,focusing on product quality, and adhering to the heart of giving back to thesociety, contributing to social harmony.

    n  Highlights

    ž   In 2018,rate of signed contracts ofemployees was 100%,and female employees accounted for 45%.

    ž   In 2018,all levels of safety committees ofthe Company and its subsidiaries Organized 2,856 times of safety inspection,andthe rectification rate was up to 100%.

    ž   In 2018,we carried out 1,223 times ofhealth and safety training,covering 43,898 employees

    ž   By the end of 2018,expired drugs recoveryactivities had benefited more than 600 million people,and more than 1,500 tonsexpired drugs had been recovered.

    ž   By the end of 2018,we had invested aboutRMB 6.65 million over nearly three years,helping 343 people get rid of poverty

    n  OurApproach to Sustainability Foundations

    We will continue to improve the stafftraining system,and implement the construction of dual-channel staff promotionsystem. We will recognize the regulatory situation, and constantly improveproduct quality control level. We will constantly pay attention to the sociallydisadvantaged groups,further promote the targeted poverty alleviation andcharity ac tivities,and strive for wider sharing of de velopment achievements.

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